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B'Twin Fit 3

Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
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Hello. I'm looking for a commuting bike for my girlfriend.

What are your thoughts on the B'Twin Fit 3?

I know the B'Twin Triban 3 gets really good reviews and was wondering if this applies to all their range of bikes?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,333
    Cracking bike well liked by some, good value for money. Depends on what you want it for as well. Not all their bikes are brilliant but most are very good especially when compared against Tesco, argos,halfords rubbish bikes. Giant Rapid is a very good bike.
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  • Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
    Like I say it's for my girlfriend to commute to work but also planning on entering a beginners triathlon or two in the future. I've had a look at road bike but know she won't get on with drop down bars. I'll check out the Giant Rapid. Thanks
  • Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
    I had a look at the rapid but it's way over budget. Thanks for the heads up though.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,333
    Boardman hybrid or trek fx 7'3 are good bikes various level of kit but again dearer than btwin. How keen is she on triathlon s as she will probably want a better bike pretty quickly.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Fit3/fit5 & fit7 are the same bike but with flat bars as the Triban3/5/7 respectively. In fact, I'm led to believe the fit series actually have upgraded (stronger) wheels than the drop bar equivalents.

    So the answer to your question would be yes, very good bike for the money. IMO the fits are even better value!!
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  • Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
    Oh dear I just saw that it had grip shifters. They didn't realise they were still used!
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