Why cant we have this?

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I am in Italy on a weeks holiday and have just checked into the hotel and on Sky there'a bike channel! Why can't we have a bike channel at home? Would it be possible to get this back home? Could we not all petition sky for dedicated channel. After all they sponsor the sport.


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    Not everybody has a Sky contract or dish so people wanting to watch it would be paying for it which goes against the grain for some people.
  • Do you think that they'd be enough content for a dedicated channel? ITV do a ctcling show but it is extremely poor.

    Eurosport show all the important races so I don't think we need anything more. I think they said they have 800 hours of live coverage each year.

    You also get the key track cycling events.
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    Well there is in Italy. It covers history of the sport,past races, rider profiles, and all genres of the sport