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Hydraulic Brakes Pressed without wheel

brunleabrunlea Posts: 33
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I had took the front wheel off my bike to load it in the car. Looks like in the process i pressed the front brake so the brake pads have came together. Now i have managed to push the pistons back with the pads still in by using a screwdriver. I put the wheel back on and spun it and there was sufficient clearance for it to spin freely. I then put the QR skewer in and tightened it up. Still all good.

I then pumped the brake lever a few times. Once i did this, the pads rubbed against the pads and did not gave sufficient clearance. I have tried the process a few times however i can't get it to spin freely like it was before. I can see the pistons both move back and forth slightly.

Any ideas/tips on what i can do to get it sorted?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    go ride it and let the pads bed in again.
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  • As above, just make sure you don't operate the brakes without the pads in! The disk is only 2 to 3 mm thick, worn pads would be more than this.
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  • Managed to sort it out. I loosened the caliper bolts and pulled the caliper very very slightly away from the bike held it there and spun the wheel. Spun ok. So i tightened the bolts back up. Wheel spins freely now. Sorted!
  • gazeddygazeddy Posts: 305
    it might be an idea for you to get some spacers for when you take the wheels off to prevent this. shimano supply them in the kits but hope dont. i just got a bit of 3mm plate steel and made it to fit in and stand out of the top of the caliper so as to allow me to secure it. stops the pistons fully extending by accident
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  • Try local shop . Mine gave me one for nothing . At a pinch a piece of card will do
  • Try local shop . Mine gave me one for nothing .

    Mine too.
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