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So, after years of resistance I find myself making a foray into the wonderful world of GPS with a shiny new eTrex 30. I'm hoping to use it as a navigation aid for a tour I'm attempting in South America later this year.

Normally I'd be expecting to rely on directions from locals and my paper maps and compass, but if I'm going to cart this thing around I need to know how to use it.

It all seems pretty straightforward so far, but something I am having a bit of trouble with is Basecamp. I have acquired some maps of Venezuela from Venrut, downloaded the GPX file of the route I've plotted in MapMyRide and successfully loaded it into Basecamp but now I would like to alter the route in Basecamp to run down some better looking roads, as the roads on my paper map and my GPS map are not present on the Google map that MapMyRide uses. Trouble is, I can't figure out how to do it. Any pointers?
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  • First of all is the gpx a route or a track?

    If it is indeed a route right click the route in "my collection" and make a track.

    Use the divide track tool to cut the track into pieces that you want and do not want. Delete the parts you do not need. Make routes on the new roads you wish to use, convert to tracks. Join the tracks.

    You can also move points by drag and release but with many points this can be quite laborious.

  • Why can't you just make a new route in basecamp?
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    That is the alternative but it's 700km so I don't really want to if I don't have to...

    I will try editing it as you describe tomorrow when I get back.
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