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Merida Scultura comp 904-2014

Cymru BoyCymru Boy Posts: 9
edited October 2013 in Your road bikes
Well I picked up my new ride today from my LBS.



Merida Scultura Comp 904
Campagnolo Veloce Groupset
Fulcrum Racing Corsa Rims
Continental Ultra sport tyres

Full spec HERE

This bike is the new 2014 version. It comes as standard with Shimano 105 Groupset but I'm a Campag fanboy so had my LBS swap it out (saved £250 by doing this aswell).

It's also supposed to come with The new Fulcrum racing sport rims but apparently these are a Shimano only wheel (even though Fulcrum are made by Campag lol). So I have ended up with the Racing Corsa. I have tried googling these to see how they compare to the new Racing Sports but cans seem to find any info on them?!

Anyone know anything about them?

Am looking forward to running her in tomorrow and will post better pics when I have a bit if daylight.

Thanks for looking and any opinions welcome (try not to be too harsh lol) :-)


  • dwanesdwanes Posts: 954
    Nice bike / frame / colour, congratulations.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    Looks nice.
  • What do you think to your Merida?

    I have a LBS who sells them and I am seriously interested in buying one.
  • Boyfrom64 wrote:
    What do you think to your Merida?

    I have a LBS who sells them and I am seriously interested in buying one.

    We'll I'll be honest I came from a Vitus 992 Ali frame so coming from that to a carbon frame is like getting out of a ford and into a BMW. The frame is so much lighter (obviously) and feels a lot more nimble. This bike actually feels like it's helping you up steep hills unlike the Vitus where you felt you were dragging it up the hill with you.

    With regards to build quality I can't fault it, but then I've only had it a month. The thing I found was that for the price bracket, the standard spec on the Merida is a lot better than the comparable Wilier or Specialized. From the factory these bikes come with Shimano 105 groupset, control tech stem and fulcrum racing sport wheelset, whereas the equivalent CF specialized or wiliers came with the tiagra or sora groupset for that same price. It didn't effect me because I'm a campag fan so I specced Veloce anyway, which is apparently the equivalent to 105 kit anyway but saved me £250 brand tax ;-)

    You can see the reviews of last years model HERE to help you decide but don't think this years has been reviewed yet due to it only just being launched last month.

    Hope this helps ;-)
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    tring aling a ding-dong-merida
  • RideOnTime wrote:
    tring aling a ding-dong-merida

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