road gloves which ones?

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Looking to get some new ones, as may have discovered that the ones I have are causing numbness. Now I know its coming up to winter but looking ahead. I have spesh bg ones, but it seems the glove is moving so the pads aren't sitting tpright.


  • diamonddog
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    IMO it is more likely to be that you are still resting to much weight on your hands and/or gripping the bars too tightly. Try and relax your shoulders, don't ride to tensed up and this in turn will relax your grip and move a bit of weight off your hands.

    Your gloves must be too big if they are moving about that much, they need to be a tight fit.
    I have gloves that have a very small amount of padding that are used on shorter rides (20 miles or so) and I do not get any numbness.
  • The only reason I figured its the gloves is I have been out a few times without gloves and dont get any pain.
  • diamonddog
    diamonddog Posts: 3,426
    If you think that's the case make sure the new gloves are a better fit. The most padded ones I use only cost £6 so you do not need to spend loads.