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Well, thought it was about time i started a new thread regarding my Nerve AM.

I bought her a few weeks back as I wanted a bike with slightly more travel and a slightly slacker head angle to my my old XC bike. Here she is in Vanilla form (apart from my reverb), a Standard Nerve AM 5.0.

Over the last few weeks i have been collecting a few bits to get me to where i am at with it today, I have changed the forks from Revelations to Fox 32's with 15mm QR (better in black as well) Wheels upgraded to Hope Pro2's laced onto mavic XM317's running tubeless and Spesh Purgotory 2.35 tyres, cassette and chain were knackered so upgraded to XT cassette, changed triple set to Hope Bash guard with double upfront with a Superstars Bottom Bracket, Hope jockey wheels added, reverb dropper with Charge Scoop saddle, Bars changed to Chrom Easton Havens, superstars Grips, Hope M4 brakes blinged up with titanium andosied gold bolts.

Fair few more bits to sort out, but she is ride-able and will be at FOD Enduro tomorrow. Next job is to sort out the hoses on the brakes as they are currently far too long, then some new pedals, stem and Bionicon chain device.

Here is how she looks currently excuse the photo i couldn't find the camera so had to use my phone:


  • Lovely liking that a lot! Looks so much better with the upgrades you have done!
  • Looks like a 2011?, very good condition by the looks tho.
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    It is a 2011 Frame yea, it has been stripped of all parts and given a good clean, there are very few parts which are original on it now. First proper ride since rebuild tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    Here she is after her first ride. Did the FOD Enduro event on her, climbs like a beast for such a heavy bike and descends beautifully. Really happy with it. A few little niggles i need to sort but other wise massively happy!

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    So a few more updates, just about finished now.
    I have changed to a 1x10 speed set up using a Race Face 34t Wide Narrow Chain ring fitted with a matching Hope bash guard. I also bought a General Lee 42t Cassette conversion. Which i am pretty happy with, albeit the setting up has been difficult, needs some more tweaking after a ride out in Llandegla yesterday. I also changed the XT shadow mech to a Shadow+ with clutch and fitted a KMC gold chain.
    Some other updates include:
    *New braided hoses
    * Hope Gold seat clamp (no need for QR with Dropper)
    * Hope Polished 50mm stem, to go with haven bars
    * Saint pedals (too much of a bargain on CRC)
    * Union jack reservoir caps for Hope brake levers

    Also had a bitch of a time changing the rear bearings, they had rusted solid. Glad i changed them as its now sweet as a nut. However all these pivot bearings, has reignited the itch i have for an Orange five/

    I need to sort out the hose routing for the reverb as it can rub the rear wheel when dropped and using most of the suspension travel. I would also like some slightly shorter crank arms, i find the 175's a touch long, especially with the low BB height on the Nerve AM's.

    Other than that i am pretty happy with her.

    Some After action muddy pics:

    Clean again:

    Excuse the saddle angle i had to loosen the clamp to clean underneath properly