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First time full build - general advice?

arcadianarcadian Posts: 35
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I'm building up a Cotic BFe hardtail, got all my parts sorted now and my frame size just got back in stock so will be able to start putting it together when I get home from work (9 days from now!).

I'm fairly confident on being able to do it (relatively) hassle free, but just wondered since it was my first attempt at a full bike build if anyone had any pointers on things I could do to make everything go as smooth and easy as possible?

Just any random tips and tricks you might have learned doing your own, or stuff to consider/look out for when I get home to start buidling it up?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Plus lots of other info in the Tech FAQs, plus Parktools in link below.
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  • Buy the one for sale in the classified section on here and save yourself time and hassle
  • Hassle?...building a bike? :?


    - Start all screwing-stuff-in by hand to avoid fubaring any threads - especially BB, cranks/pedals etc

    - Do not over-tighten anything

    - Do BB bearing preload cap by hand (with your fingers)

    - If shortening brake hoses, follow manufacturer's instructions precisely and you shouldn't need to do a bleed afterwards

    - If in doubt get LBS to do headset

    - Check, double check and triple check before taking the hacksaw to your fork steerer!

    - Cut chain to correct length and quick-links
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