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Just bought a Carrera Vulcan from Halfords a few days ago, its was reduced to 300£ as when it came out of the box it had a broken brake line which they replaced, I still had to wipe off brake fluid off the wheels and tyres, a few scratches here and there etc nothing major. The first day it was fine, all gears working. The day after it wouldn't change from the front middle sprocket to the front small sprocket when on the small cog at the rear, it tries but doesn't make it. So I rang Halfords explaining the problem, they said bring it in which I did, the young lad put the bike on the maintenance stand and tried the gears and still it wouldn't change down, his verdict was "its working fine, its normal, its supposed to do that" I told him all gears worked yesterday, his explanation was you've got to always keep the chain parallel between front and rear. I've also just noticed the front crank and chainset are not the one advertised. Its got a "sr suntour super pff" put it should be a "SRAM S200 3.0 chainset" according to the Hlafords website. Is the Suntour better or worse than the SRAM? I hope they haven't put a cheaper on on instead.

Thanks for reading !


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