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Bike build - Trek Remedy to 456 hard tail

remedy_7remedy_7 Posts: 179
edited September 2013 in Your mountain bikes
After three years of fantastic fun with my Trek Remedy I have decided to go back to using a hard tail.
Just ordered an On-one 456 carbon frame. The pictures show it as red, I don't know why, because it is a very bright orange.
Everything transfered easily enough and only took a couple of hours.
Just need to get a headset bearing, rear quick release skewer and a seat clamp.
Also need to add a bit of protection to the frame. Any advice would be appreciated. Chainstay? Down tube? Where cables rub?

An issue I can see with the 456 is that the hanger is made of a very solid piece of alu. That means it won't break/bend and the frame will get damaged if it gets knocked.


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