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Looking for something more suitable over a road bike

Iand-83Iand-83 Posts: 132
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Hoping someone on here can give me some ideas or point me in the right direction.

Have been commuting to work for a while on my mountain bike then after a few longer rides decided something more road orientated would be better so purchased a Giant Defy 2, Great bike but not for commuting! It's not really working for me specially as I can't seem to get comfortable or get on with the drop bars. Therefore i am thinking the best solution will be something like a hybrid/flat bar commuter bike. So far from looking about I have found the Charge Scourer 2013, Raleigh Strada and for a little bit more cash, the Specialized Sirrus. Anything else people would recommend?

Not tried any of these yet but my LBS has a Specialized Sirrus comp disc in stock and reduced in the sale to £800 so half tempted to try this. But it's a bit high for my budget. Looking for around £600. As hopefully I can get back most of what I spent on my Defy 2 back as it's not very old.

Also what do people recommend for racks and panniers? As currently I use a backpack but starting to get fed up of getting a sweaty back biking to work. My journey is about 6 miles each way.


  • You can get a specialised Sirrus from around £350 upwards as there's various models with different spec and price

    I had the sport model (second cheapest) and really liked it. I'd certainly try a more expensive version as you seem to have he money. To be honest most hybrids will be great for the price range you're looking at, especially for only 6 miles each way.

    Basically you need to test ride a few regardless of what people recommend.

    As for racks...any will do, but since I discovered carradice saddlebags I won't go back to them and panniers!

    Got a 11lt one myself along with a quick release mount and much prefer it
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Have you tried adjusting things, like moving the saddle forwards / backwards a bit at a time, making sure the hoods (tops of brake levers where your hands go) are parallel to the floor, seat is at the right height (leg fully extended with the heel on the pedal at its lowest is a good start point), or just giving yourself time to get used to it? Sell if you want to but road bikes are incredibly comfortable once you've bedded in with it.

    Re backpacks / panniers, a lot of us carry a week's worth of clothing in on one day (car day for those who don't cycle every day) and leave it in the office along with washing gear & deodorants, so the ride is done unencumbered.
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