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2014 Secteur sport disc

BaracusBaracus Posts: 32
edited September 2013 in Road buying advice
hi guys

my first ever road bike, coming from a heavy front suspension hybrid i have decided to get a road bike on the c2w scheme for weekend and evening runs
This bike caught my eye, and to my untrained eye it looks gorgeous
is there any reason i should be aware of not to get this bike?



  • simonheadsimonhead Posts: 1,399
    I have had the 2012 model Secteur for a few years and find it a comfortable ride, i have only recently swapped up to a new bike (PX Pro Carbon) but use the Secteur for commuting. It is heavy for what it is but is a comfortable ride and theres nothing wrong with it. Its a practical commuter road bike. If you want discs its should certainly be an option but if you arent fussed about discs you can get a lot more bike for your cash with a bit of shopping around. Its worth finding out exactly how your c2w scheme works, do you have to pay an amount at the end of the scheme to keep the bike? If so it can sometimes be better getting a bike on 0% credit over the year as you can often get a better deal.

    The Secteur has a fairly basic groupset (although there is nothing wrong with it) and average wheels. It is essentially the same bike as the normal Secteur sport but with disc brakes.
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  • No, no reason, get it!
  • There's a few examples of last years model floating around a little bit cheaper - assuming the spec hasn't changed that much, it might come down to whether you prefer the paint job: ... 3#features

    I think it's a nice looking bike you could do almost everything on.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    You obviously like it so get it.
  • Oooh, I like the look of that! Yes, you should get it!
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    Oooh, I like the look of that! Yes, you should get it!

    +1 - Handsome.
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  • Thanks a lot guys, being completely clueless about what makes a good comfortable road bike i needed to know i was making a sensible choice
    I prefer the look and paintjob of this one to the 2013 model, and the price difference is really minimal
    Now i just need to sit and wait till the voucher gets issued

    @Simonhead, someone who just finished paying off on the scheme said he didnthave to pay the full 25% as a final payment, some jigging of the tax and loan he only had to pay a portion of the tax £50 +/-
  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    The Secteur certainly should do you ok, I think it is supposed to be a more 'comfortable' option too 8)
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  • Ive got the 2013 one, and commute with it 5 days a week 20miles a day. Its heavy and can be hard work on the hills but having discs really does help in the London traffic and when wet. For a commuting bike its perfect, just budget for a set of Gatorskins as the stock tyres are so heavy its stupid.
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