1x 5200 or 2x 2600 battery for light

andyh01 Posts: 599
edited September 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi looking to replace my main lights having had several cheap lights finally decided to get some decent set and looking to get the hope r4 and rear district just can't decide whether to go for 1 bigger 5200 battery or 2 smaller 2600 option. As mainly used for a short 10 mile round trip, 5 mile each way five days a week aprox 5 hour total burn time the bigger 5200 should last for the week and recharge at w/e and if do a longer expidition I wouldn't need to change battery mid ride, on other hand if had 2 smaller ones not got all eggs in 1 basket, and keep 1 charged in bag and swap over during the week, costs are the same what would you do ?