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Felt F5 (2011)

mugensimugensi Posts: 559
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Long time lurker but never posted anything (that i can remember) Anyway, I picked up a brand new 2011 F5 a few weeks ago for a brilliant price. I sort of had my mind set on a 2012 F4 (as i loved the color scheme) but when this appeared at less than half the price and in an even nicer color scheme than the F4, i just had to buy it.

I changed the wheels to my own Fulcrum Quattros and changed the 105 cassette (12/25) to an Ultegra 11/28. I'll hold onto the mavic CXP22's as spares just in case. I stuck on my 105 pedals and changed the brake pads to Clarkes tri-compound pads and put on my own Ebay/Emir saddle (which is so comfortable compared to the mushy nasty Felt thing supplied with the bike) I have since changed the seat post for an FSA K-force carbon post and flipped the stem (I suffer from some upper back problems and so need an more upright position especially on longer rides)

My last bike was a Ridley Compact which I plan on keeping and using as a winter bike. The Felt is so much more comfortable than the Ridley and soaks up road buzz on rougher roads. The BB30 allows greater pedalling efficiency and so nothing is wasted (especially on hills) So far I absolutely love it and dont plan to do a whole lot else to it other than ride it.

I weighed it with pedals, small saddle pouch inc tube, 2xCO catridges and AirChuck connector, bottle cages, computer etc etc and it weighs 8.2kg




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