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Cambridge - Norwich 29th September 2013

Morning Guys.

I have signed up to do this with bike events with a couple of friends. There is not masses of information around about it. I was just wondering if anyone else is doing it or whether anyone rode it last year and may have the route file so I can have a quick look at the exact route.

It will be my first organised event and longest ride to date so i am already like a coiled spring in anticipation. Just hope the weather is kind and an early sunday start is not as bad as it sounds at this point on a wednesday morning after a teething related sleepless night (my son, not me! :D )

Any information gratefully appreciated.



  • simonheadsimonhead Posts: 1,399
    Whilst i have never done that exact ride i have done a London to Norwich 2 dayer stopping in Cambridge. Not sure of the route it takes but looking at the website its not too disimilar from the way i went. There are a few hills going out of Cambridge but nothing daft and its shallow undulations the rest of the way. The only other advice i can give you is be prepared for punctures, the roads are generally OK but there is a lot of debris on some of the quieter roads. Would make sure you have something warm and preferably windproof, it can be very windy in some places on the run into Norwich.
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  • Thanks Simon. I live Norwich way so ride the roads from thetford up a fair bit. It can be a bit blowy on occasions but generally not too bad. I carry spare tubes etc. I mainly posted to see if anyone did the ride last year and had a link to the route that I could have a gander at in advance.

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