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ollie cbollie cb Posts: 783
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So, I sold the De Rosa about 4 months ago and it took a long time to find a suitable replacement. I considered other options such as a Look 695, Cervelo R5 etc but when I saw time time and effort that goes into a Time frame and the carbon that is used, I decided on this.

And what about the ride? It's great. Really stable on descents, light (enough) to get up the hills and speedy on the flat.. Oh and it really is a nice thing to look at.

It's my only bike and the gloss finish will fortunately be a lot easier to clean in the winter than the matte black De Rosa. Only problem now is that I'm eyeing up EPS. Oh well, this should do until I leave uni :)

Anyway, enjoy. I DEFINITELY need to take some better photos! So i'll update later with them and the build list.



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