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Essex Autumn Leaves 150km

Hi All,

Anyone doing this ride on Sunday or done it before? Just wondering how much climbing is involved as this will be my longest ride since a bad accident in April. Ive done a fair few 50+ mile rides over the last 8 weeks and am doing about 4-5 hundred a month so I'm sure it'll be ok :oops:




  • Hello,

    I am doing it and did the Spring lambs one in April. It had about 3,200 feet of climbing and wasnt too bad. The Autumn leaves is very similar and if you are doing that mileage you will be fine. North Hill after about 75 miles is the only really hard climb.

    I am looking forward to it so it cant be that bad :wink:
  • I did their Hertfordshire sportive a couple of weeks back. They emailed yesterday about this one and said they'd learnt a lot from that sportive, especially around junctions. I hope they do learn as the Hertfordshire one did not offer value for money. To get the email they sent I can only imagine that people complained, I personally didn't complain but when they announce on the web site that there is a dangerous junction and as such they will man it, then not to man it is pretty low. I did not see a single Marshall during the ride and was glad I had the Gpx file on my garmin.
  • Cheers for the info. Im not aiming for a quick time and will be happy just to get round ok.

    Found this from last year........ on Strava, and it doesn't seem to go near North Hill/Danbury area?

    Is the route different as far as you know?
  • They only do 2 sportives in Essex so it is another club that do the Herts one. This is run by Essex road cycling club (I am not a member) and they do a great job of marshalling and feeding!!

    Maybe they only do North hill on the spring lambs sportive so happy days as that is the only big climb!! It does say this route is a bit different. Should be a breeze then!! See you there!

    This is the April ride
  • Thats a result then. Done north hill the other day after around 40 miles and that was hard work.

    thanks again for your help.

  • see you Sunday I am doing it. Have done Spring Lambs before and the Orchid Ride which Essex Roads help with but first Autumn leaves for me. Terry2708 is right no North Hill on Sunday but a few nice rolling hills along the way. Weather looks ok so far as well so might not need the longs after all.
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