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Giant Defy 1 vs Trek Madone 3.5

ricksocricksoc Posts: 2
edited September 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi everyone,

I've been riding for about a year on a B'twin Triban 3 (the old style with a carbon fork) that I purchased to see if I got in to cycling...... obviously I did and now I'm looking to upgrade. I'm riding for fitness and enjoyment, generally doing a 22 mile and a 33 mile ride each week which is probably roughly where I'll be staying for a while, though throwing in a some longer ones and probably one long organised event each year.

I've been looking around for what to buy as an upgrade and really liked the value on offer from Evans with the Madone 3.5 at £1500 - I can (just) stretch to that budget wise but hadn't quite persuaded myself to spend that much. Now my work has opened up it's cycle2work scheme which means I can get a Defy 1 from my local bike shop for the equivalent of ~£600. I know both bikes get very good reviews, I find the geometry on both comfortable and am happy with the groupset on both. So really it comes down to whether the carbon frame on the Madone is worth the extra for the type of riding I do or whether it would be a vanity purchase. Does anyone have any experience of long(ish) rides on both bikes (which I can't get) or opinions on when a carbon frame becomes worth it?


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