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zoglugzoglug Posts: 212
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Hi everyone,

Currently i have a Specialized Allez, which i absolutely love but am currently looking at building a bike for touring and steel is my preferred choice of frame. Looking around, for the price i cant seem to get past the Planet X Kaffenback as at £250 for the frame and fork, it seems an absolute bargain. What i am looking to do, is pick up the frame and fork, pick up a set of Salsa Woodchipper 2 handle bars and use all the other kit off my Allez.

So my first question, is whether of not this is a possibility and everything from the shifters, cranks, derailleurs, brakes etc with literally just transfer over? If so, it will save me a fortune in money being spent!

Secondly, i am wondering if there is any other frame and fork option i should be considering? I wouldnt want to spend more than £400 on the frame and fork, but for that price would also like to pick up the Salsa bars which are around £50 to £60.

Any advice would be great!



  • pletplet Posts: 34
    I don't know either either of those bikes or what touring you intend to do but I would say that tourers typically have different requirements to a road bike. Gearing is generally set lower than a road bike for getting yourself up that final hill after a long day with all the weight you've been carrying. Often this means MTB gears. Wheels are beefier to handle the extra weight and to fit larger volume tyres for comfort and that can mean that caliper brakes are tricky especially if you want to fit mudguards (I would).

    But if the components on the Allez suit the touring you intend to do, then go for it. Though for that kind of touring the Allez frame would perhaps be OK too ;-)
  • Guessing your Allez has caliper brakes. Kaffenback frame has brazings for discs or cantilevers. Also front mech band size might be different.
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