Castelli NanoFlex V's Sportful No Rain

dazza106 Posts: 22
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I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using both products and could offer any insights on which on is better....thanks


  • I have both in the Arm Warmers and I can't really tell that there's any difference.

    If I have the option of the two I would opt for the cheaper.
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  • Calpol
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    Same company, different logo AFAIK. I have the sportful ones becuase they were cheaper. They work and have very subtle branding. I don't care that they notionally don't match up with my short sleeved Gabba.
  • jermas
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    My Nanoflex bibs weren't much good - about as waterproof as a sponge after a couple of washes. The material perished pretty quickly too.
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  • nferrar
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    Not impressed with nanoflex myself, my arm warmers whilst warm are far from waterproof (they bead very little) and have the most uncomfortable seam imaginable (and whoever 'designed' the comedy sized giant stiff label in them needs sacking and it's sewn into the main seam so can't be cleanly unpicked and removed). I also have the bib 3/4's and again the waterproofing/resistance is a joke - they bead for about a 10 seconds and then just soak through, however the pad is brilliant and as a whole they're super comfy so not complaining too much. The whole reason I went with nanoflex was it was supposed to rely on the fibre mix to bead rather than a DWR coating (that washes off), IME though it just doesn't work. I wasn't expecting them to cope with heavy rain but it's annoying they don't even bead in a light shower or even spray from the road.