New Winter Boots

glasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
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I'm looking for some new winter boots to replace a set of 4 year old Shimano winter boots.

I suffer from cold feet and think I'd like to go for Gore-Tex this time. I'll probably still use neoprene overshoes for the wettest days.

Any recommendations and/or deals anyone is aware of?



  • simonhead
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    I use a pair of seal skins socks that i wear with bridgedale liners when its cold, never really liked the feel of boots for winter rides but thats just me. Shoes and bootseven more so are something you need to try on before buying.
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  • nferrar
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    I'd go with Northwave Farenheit's, very comfy and warm. Waterproofing is as good as you'll find on any road winter boot but it's still very far from 100% waterproof as there's a huge hole in the top where your foot goes in. What they do though is greatly reduce the rate the water gets in so your circulation can keep it warm enough (I guess a bit like how neoprene works) meaning your feet stay warm even when wet.