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Has anyone bought a bike from them? Experiences, good, bad? I may be about to pull the trigger on a new bike from them. Visited them and felt a little uncomfortable about the hard and possibly missleading sell. Its difficult because the bike is at a great price!


  • squired
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    They are my local bike shop, and I've spent a lot of money there over the years, including bike purchases. Never had any problems and generally found the staff to be good. The only problem I've had with them is that some of the items they sell are pretty expensive, so I tend to do a little research before I head in there to buy something. Obviously that clearly isn't the case for your impending purchase. On the whole the staff seem to be pretty knowledgeable and are keen cyclists themselves.
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    Bought my Ridgeback from them mail order in 1992. Picked up another same vintage Ridgeback second hand earlier this year and it had a Geoffrey Butler sticker and original invoice! They set up new ergos on my Viner when I bought it. Always seem like a good shop, although its a little out of the way for me to use regularly. I'd ignore the hard sell - do your own research, if its a good price then great, can't hurt for them to keep telling you the same?
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    They built me a pair of wheels Mavic Open Pros on Campag Record hubs about 17 years ago. They are still going strong. Have had other stuff from them more recently by mail order which has been trouble free.
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  • I use them a lot. Nice enough people. I've had some good discounts too.
  • Thanks for the reassuring replies everyone. Good to hear. I am probably doing them a disservice suggesting it was hard sell, more likely , as BigMat suggests, just a question of them repeatedly telling me what a good price it was and how i had better buy quick!