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A winter jacket conundrum



  • IShaggyIShaggy Posts: 301
    Mavic jackets/jerseys are superb IMO. I've got a Mavic Cyclone jacket which is top notch. I've also got a Mavic Vision Softshell on order, just to be a little more visible on my commute.

    I tend to go with a Softshell + waterpoof gillet in light rain. Heavy rain and it's either a full on waterproof or turbo-time.
  • ctcctc Posts: 232
    another one for Mavic jackets. I've got the vision H2O. It's excellent, but I find it's too warm for anything above 5 degrees.

    Otherwise drizzle I'll use a windproof if it's still cold (5 - 12 degrees). Heavy rain has me staying in.

    This year I'm testing out a light gilet and no-rain arm warmers for when it's drizzling and not too cold (>12 degrees). Been good so far, but that's for fairly mild and light drizzle
  • Anyone any experience of the Mavic HC H20? Thinking of it for a winter packable waterproof with layers as appropriate depending on temperature.
  • Definitely go softshell.I have a Gore Tool and it can cope with 90% of my winter riding.(not great in heavy rain)

    I did a six hour ride last February when the temperature maxed out at 3 deg.C..Softshell + base layer = toastie warm!
  • Used a Mortirolo last winter with just a SS poly baselayer and was never cold, infact needed the zipped vents on climbs, although after an off lost my mojo alittle and hit the turbo if it was under 4C and any chance of ice (also couldn't twist for 6wks so not a total rule 5 write off).
    This year however I'm going to try out with a mix of SS Gabba + no rain armwarmers and a Trasparente Due, both with a windstopper gilet if required and see how that goes, as I've lost over 10kg this summer so the Mortirolo is now too large. If it doesn't work out then I'll be getting a Mortirolo again in a smaller size.
  • I tried the sportful fiandre no rain in Evans yesterday and I'm sorely tempted. Looked great, nice racey cut and seems a good combination of warm breathable soft shell and a decent degree of water resistance.
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