cyclo cross pedals help please

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Hi i have just bought a cyclocross bike and was after some help on what would be the best pedals for it, i have shimano spds on my road bike but know i need different ones for this bike any help would be appreciated,ps cheap please


  • imposter2.0
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    SPD will be fine. Mostly depends on the type of riding.
  • I use shimano mtb spd on both my cross bikes

    Any brand of MTB pedal will be fine off and on road .
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  • These are what I've always used on my mtb and what I'll be using for my first cross season
    Time ATAC XS Pedals
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    Assuming you mean SPD rather than the SPD-SL road pedals you should be fine although in heavy mud any pedal / cleat can clog up.
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    SPDs aren't the best, I've had them clog with mud and leaves - Eggbeaters, Time and Look are better in this respect, pressing down on the foot simply squeezes anything on the foot through the bars.
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