Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon heel replacement

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Not sure how it has happened but I have lost one of the heels off my Sidi Ergo 2 carbon road shoes.

Looking on the websites there are two types of heel available; I suspect that I should be going for the M3 type since it is a full carbon sole but the blub isn't very clear and the Sidi website is very poor on replacement heel info and Ergo 2 shoes don't rate a mention. Other websites are also not exactly clear if you are unsure what heel type you want.

Any advice on what heel type I should be ordering for the Ergo 2 carbons?



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    Try emailing Sidi cafe, they'll certainly know!
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  • top_bhoy
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    Try emailing Sidi cafe, they'll certainly know!
    I know...but its frustrating waiting to discover if the company is a good one who responds promptly to customer enquiries or is poor and takes 2+ weeks.
  • Sidi cafe give excellent customer service, and as you will most likely have to get the replacement from them, I suggest you ring them Monday morning and sort it there and then, after all we aren't Sidi cobblers on here.
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    Sidi cafe are OK, expensive compared to other Sidi retailers but OK.
  • Agreed SIDI site is fairly useless in matching your shoes. You will need the Millennium 3 type with the V notch in the rear of the pad. If you can't be certain what an internet site is offering your LBS can order them for you if they don't have one in stock already.
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    Turns out that I had the M2 (teardrop) type. Sidi café got back to me very quickly, excellent customer service. The downside is that the teardrop have been discontinued which probably accounts why a few retailers are currently showing 'out of stock' on their sites. I did find one place and ordered a set but thinking as they are now discontinued, I should get another as a spare.