converting to flat bar advice needed

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Mrs Satnavsteve has decided she would be more confident on a flat bar, so looking at converting her road bike.

Currently sora 9spd triple - can anyone advise on what bits I would need and make any recommendations?



  • You'll need a flatbar, obviously - but will need to decide what width and rise is required. Make sure the clamp zone diameter suits your existing stem - you might need a riser, depending on requirements.

    Then you will need some trigger/twist shifters that work with Sora (i.e. have the same pull ratio as the existing shifters). I swapped lever shifters for XT781 shifters with the original 105 rear mech and the pull ratios didn't work, so I ended up buying an XT rear derailleur as well. The front derailleur works okay with the trigger shifter.

    You can get suitable brake levers that work with caliper brakes (I got some Shimano 780s that work with cantis and calipers).

    Some inners and outers will also be needed.

    You'll also need some handgrips.

    Good luck with the project. I've just completed a switch for my other half and she's now on the turbo....
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    check out this thread, all you need to know about flat bar conversion.
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