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Spring - Summer 2014 Europe Tour

Jlewis3Jlewis3 Posts: 20
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I have a sabbatical from work 2014 and plan to set off for India for a couple of months before returning to the UK for a cycle tour 3-4 months.

I want to set off mid April and end up at the foot of Alpe d'huez early July to meet some friends for a 9 day tour of some of the Cols. I would plan to set off from Plymouth by Ferry and head down the west coast of France. I did wonder weather to do west coast France, Spain and Portugal and stick to the coast of Spain all the way round but not sure if it would be a monotonous.

Has anybody got any suggestions for a 3 month tour from Brittany ending in the Alps in July?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • The weather might be iffy during April in northern France. i went once thattime of year and found it chilly.

    I was cycling in nortern in Spain in April 2012 and it rained a lot - which I found out was quite usual.

    During that same trip, I cycled up through Portugal and found it to be monotonous. I'd have skipped most of it but you can't put a bike on a train or a bus in that country, unlike Spain and France.

    Southern Spain is a good bet. The weather is nice and it's cheaper than France.

    One great part of France is Corsica. It's be best to go there before June.
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    North west spain is beautiful (Galicia is one of my favourite areas) but extremely wet much of the year, one of the rainiest parts of Europe on a par with ireland and scotland. Difference is has much more reliably good weather in summer, june-august. i wouldnt leave it out, just try to design your route to have that bit towards the end
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