Di2 Problems

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Morning chaps, just bought a new bike with Ultegra Di2, took her out for a first ride and found that the rear derailleur keeps shifting up and back down every 20 seconds or so by itself.

Anyone experienced anything like this? Or can anyone point me in the direction of how to resolve this?

Any help much appreciated.


  • giant_man
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    take it back to the shop, it should have been set up properly, their responsibility.
  • Yeah just done that, just wanted to make sure it was nothing obvious as I hate going into a bike shop looking like a fool (happens a lot!).

    Anyway just got back and it seems the chain link pin had failed so the tension was being lost when I put any pressure on the crank causing it to jump. Anyway haven't had it back out yet but I hope thats it as it looks like today is the only decent day weather wise for the next week.
  • giant_man
    giant_man Posts: 6,878
    good luck with it, Di2 very nice by all accounts.