Marin mount vision 02

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Just thought I'd post a few pictures before I can work out if to get rid for a new 'bargin price' full sus(rockrider 9.1/boardman FS)

Marin mount vision (approx 25lb)







  • Very tidy for its age. I would rather this than a new boardman.
  • Everything on it has been renewed in the last 3 years(XT,hope fox) plus I had a resprayed, The only thing that lets the bike down is the rear shock, it a manatu QRL which is about ready for a change anyway.But I thought of a change as surely bikes have moved on in the last ten years and I really fancy a new new bike
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    Really smart bike, IMO the best looking single pivot.
  • ej2320
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    As for bikes moving on, well kinda. I'd say it's more the geometry that's changed and a single pivot is timeless. e.g The SC Heckler, literally same throughout the year with the geometry getting slacker