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A brace of Scott Addicts

majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
edited September 2013 in Your road bikes
A month or two ago I got my faithful Addict all dolled up...



TB-14 by MajorMantra, on Flickr

A couple of days after I took these I discovered cracks around the bottle bosses. I now have a brand new Addict R3 frame and I've been lusting after a new groupset for a while. Hence...

A new Addiction by MajorMantra, on Flickr


  • dwanesdwanes Posts: 954
    Wow, that is very nice! Flash without being garish.
    The Dura-ace chainset looks really good on it.
  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    Sweet, loving the new frame and DA 8)
    "Arran, you are like the Tony Benn of smut. You have never diluted your depravity and always stand by your beliefs. You have my respect sir and your wife my pity" :lol:

  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,422
    Nice, very monochromatic :)
  • Nice. I have the addict too. Love every minute on it
  • Finished perfectly enjoy!! :D
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  • I spy some TB14s (I think). As a result, your Scott looks the business.

  • Thank. Yes, those are TB-14s on the old Addict, on beautiful silver Record hubs. They're probably going on my Van Nicholas now actually although really they're too nice for winter. The wheels on the new Addict are Archetypes on BHS hubs.
  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
    That looks the bollox very nice build there.
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