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I've just ordered a new frame that takes a bb30, any ideas where I can find a tool to fit ? and will I need to adapt to run Dura Ace cranks ? Cheers


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    A headset tool will fit the BB30 bearings.

    Shimano don't do a suitable crankset so you need to think what to do.

    Run BB30 bearings with reducers. FiT a reducing sleeve and then use Shimano external bearing BB or fit something like the KCNC reducing BB.

    Not the best frame option to buy.
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  • Hi
    I just fitted a BB30. Because I was fitting a new on and not bothered about the old one I tapped it out with a rubber mallet and a piece of wood, then rather than having to buy the whole tool I got just the installation kit (FSA from Chain Reaction or Wiggle, can't remember which) and used a length of threaded rod, some 28mm washers two nuts and a couple of spanners to make a tool. Took it slow and got the new BB fitted without issue.
    There are pictures of similar set ups on the web and some industrious soul selling what cost about 3 quid to make for a tidy profit on ebay.
    The tool in that link above is for removal, you'd have to buy another tool to fit, works out expensive, hence the DIY.
  • Thanks for the pointers so far, Gareth that sounds a great idea, I'll do that, I've just ordered a praxis bb30/shimano converter so I am hoping that will do the trick without any major probs. I've always had bikes using Shimano bb and found them easy to replace and trouble free but I had my heart set on this frameset I guess. Hopefully I can rig it so I don't have to change cranks.