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Specialized Allez Sport Compact 2013 - Peterborough

omen666omen666 Posts: 6
edited December 2013 in Road stolen
Stolen this afternoon from the Key Theatre, Peterborough between 14:00-15:00

Model: Mens Specialized Allez Sport Compact 2013 – Grey / Size 56cm / Large

Full 9-Speed Sora Groupset

Non-std components: Shimano SPD-SL pedals


If you come across it I would be grateful for a nudge.



  • Right this is going to be confusing............

    A mate of mine was tagged in a FB photo last night by Account B asking was that the type of bike he wanted to buy linking it to the pictures posted by Account A on a facebook bike selling group, The mate contacted me and asked if that was mine (we belong to two road racing club facebook groups and I had posted the loss about it there 4 weeks ago).

    The bike was deffo mine so I asked to joing the facebook bike selling group but the admin didnt approve me last night nor other friends of mine (not because the cat was out the page but the admin obv hadnt got back round to it). This morning I was concerned Account A might sell it. So I messaged Account B and asked what were the contact details of Account A because the bike was mine and nicked. All of a sudden apparently Account A disappeared and was deactivated off of facebook and Account B said he had it and was selling it for a friend and that he cant hand it over. I checked Account B on FB and saw he was CEO of his own web company, so I checked the whois for that company and found his home address which I checked with my copy of UK Info. Would you believe he lives literally 20 doors down from me? I could not censored believe it. The bike was nicked from some 5 miles away from where I lived.

    I told Account B I can prove it was nicked and had photos, frame numbers and other added elements to the bike with receipts he said he will speak to the person he was selling it for, I thought censored that and went round and knocked on the door (he didnt know I had his address) and saw my bike and said that is my bike, I can prove it by this, this, that, that and proceeded to login to the fellas laptop and show him. He said he had no qualms handing it over as it was clearly mine (all too easy IMHO) and deffo the owner of the dummy Account A facebook account.

    So have it now and have belled the old bill and await them to attend and let them know, clearly selling bikes from his FB and checked his ebay as well. All in all buzzing but have it back now.
  • nigelgosnigelgos Posts: 128
    Nice one detective! A rare good ending to a stolen bike story, nice to read. Hope he gets his comeuppance.
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