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Charity ride 2014

AlexCaolcAlexCaolc Posts: 4
edited September 2013 in Tour & expedition
Hello, as of march 15th next year I will start a charity ride through Europe, about which you can read more in these links:

Here you can become a member of my team to help raise funds for the struggle:

I have gathered a few resources, among which the most expensive one was the bike - Kona Honki Inc, and tent plus sleeping bag(I plan to camp 90 percent of the way as a means to show the people how easy and simple one can live and be happy)
I am looking for partners, sponsors, advice in training(I am a triathlete), experience from users from their tours, basically anything that can help me finish my goal.
Equipment wise, I still need a portable solar charger, bike panniers, hydration pack, travelling pants and jacket, and short and long tights, as you can see, still a long way to go.
I will do this thing even if it puts me 6 feet under, because I want to help spread awareness about this disease that can actually be avoided in 70-80 percent of the time as it is mostly caused by bad habits like smoking and other risks.
Thanks for any help you have for me.


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