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I'm looking to build up some cx disc wheels in the next few weeks and was wondering if anybody had any experience of these hubs .


I'm thinking about using them for a winter cx bike for road / canal and some fire roads .

Build would be h plus son rims / aci or dt Swiss comp spokes.

I'd email ugo direct but I bet these days he's snowed under .

Other option is hope (more expensive) or novatec.


  • I'll type this again then.

    Dati hubs can be very light weight which may mean small bearings and frequent bearing changes. The link takes you to athena shifters by the way.

    What is the spacing on you frame 130mm, 132.5mm or 135mm. If it is the later two then MTB hubs will work and a Novatec D711/712SB or the even lighter A2Z hubs (360g) are a proven option. Then of course there is Shimano M785 hubs which 500g for pair. I presume weight weenie aspirations was the reason for looking a Dati hubs.

    The new grey archetype rim has a different finish on it so make sure you get the version you want.
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    Link has been corrected

    Bike is the ac024 from miracle bike and spacing is 135

    Not do much worried about weight as long as its easy to service I'm happy to swop bearings out . Novatec are my 2nd choice just wish they did them in green ;)
  • The A2Z hubs do not come in green. Hope hubs do though and they are very easy to service. My Hope XC Pro hubs are green and they are perfect hubs -relaible and green but heavy.
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    Dati are actually made by Bitex - as said, bearings are quite small, so will need regular replacement, but it's easy and replacements quite cheap. I have Novatec and Hope too - Hope are tough, but as said, overbuilt if you're not hucking yourself off 10ft drops.
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    Yes it's mainly road work and canal bashing .... My only concern is that I can get the dimensions to build them up . As fir changing the bearings I'm happy to swop them out as and when it's no biggy . My main concern was the overall quality of the hub . Given the above ill give them a punt
  • I have used them once, they are rebadged Bitex, I think... very light, OK for a set of carbon wheels you use sparingly for time trials or triathlons, not OK for any other application
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    What would you suggest ugo , mainly road and fire road type stuff ?