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i am currently undecided between a Carrera TDF Road Bike from halfords and a btwin Triban 3 Road Bike from decathlon .Both bikes are £299 1 has 16 gears whilst has 24 .I am 50 and looking to get fit . any advice would be welcome


  • diamonddog
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    It depends how fit you feel, one has a triple front chain set (24gears) more options for hills etc, the other has a double (16 gears). IMO the Carrera sounds a better buy if the other option is the white Triban, if it's the red Triban then I would go for that, others opinions may differ. :) Good luck.
  • the red triban is out of stock and not being replaced. Cheers for that
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    For £30 more there's this little beauty to consider, if they have your size in stock...
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    Roughly speaking road bikes are faster but a bit less comfortable and you can't take them off road. Mountain bikes are slower but have a more comfortable riding position and you can take them off road. It really depends where you plan to ride the bike.
  • The Carrera TDF is actually only £250 at the moment although the offer ends on Monday.
  • Have ordered it .They are going to look at changing the gearing on it to 24 speeds .