Riding in the wet advice

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Just had my first soaking on my new road bike.

I plan to just let it dry off indoors where I keep it normally, then lube it. Is that correct?

I knew the brakes would be pretty ineffective, but I wasn't really prepared for how slippery the bar tape and hoods became. Would wearing gloves help? Any particular type recommended.


  • Dry the bike as best you can with a old rag, wipe the chain with dirty old rag to get as much moisture out as possible, then lube. Leaving it to to dry can encourage rust.
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  • I always wear gloves wet or dry so yes, I'd recommend some cycling gloves for better grip and comfort. Mine were from Aldi, cost a few pounds.
  • If you are worried about chain rusting give it a wipe down with a cloth to get the worst off then a blast with WD40 or similar to disperse the moisture - let that dry and then lube.
  • MichaelW
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    Gloves are essential protection at all times but esp in a crash. Aldi gloves are fine.
    When spraying lube onto chains beware of lubing your rims. I use a square of cardboard behind the chain to shield the wheel.
    Wipe down your rims to remove the oily/rubbery emulsion.
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    Take the wheels off and wipe the rims down and then give the brake blocks a good clean. The crap they pick up will wear your rims more quickly. Consider getting mudguards if you don't already have them, they will keep some of the spray off your bike and the chain / bottom bracket area in particular as well as reducing the amount of water soaking your saddle area.