knee pain ? clip in angles

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been riding a few months now and when i get to roughly 2 hours in on a ride I start getting pains on outside right knee- fellow rider noticed that left knee comes out from the frame more than the right on an upstroke. I am wondering whether this is due to the angle i am clipped in at- does anyone know how much difference changing the angle of the ncleats would make? and if so the best way to go about it


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    Sit on a desk or table and let your legs hang naturally and observe which way your feet point. Set your cleats accordingly.
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    You may need a bit more of toe out although it's more likely to be a saddle height issue. Get yourself a foam roller to sort out the ITB issue.
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  • Hi

    I had a similar problem with pain on the outside of my knee a few months after I started and would advise the following based on the experience.

    1. If you can get a proper bike and cleat fitting - if nothing else it will eliminate bike and pedalling position.

    2. If this fails to sort the issue see a physio who specialises in sports injuries.

    In my case starting cycling and getting serious quite quickly had shortened one on the muscles in the outside of my thigh causing my knee-cap to be pulled slightly out of alignment and hence pain.

    2 or 3 sessions and some specific stretches sorted it in a couple of weeks.

    Hope you recover soon.
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    A bike fitting would be good before you cause yourself any more damage and you might need an orthotic insole and perhaps shims between the cleat and shoe and perhaps under the insole as well.

    My feet point out and also roll out, so I've insoles as well as shims underneath them.


  • outside knee, could be tight IT band, look on utube for IT band stretching exercises as one option
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    Lots is solid advice here already. My advice would be to change your cleats for some that allow more float. I had knee pain and went from cleats with 5deg float to some with 9deg float for the grand total of about £10. Pain gone, happy riding resumed.

    I would however recommend following the advice about adding in good stretching routines, including hitting the nasty IT band. I bought a foam roller for £15, and whilst it does hurt like hell, its totally worth it.
  • Thanks for the replies
    dangling my legs and drawing around the shoes shows left leg points slight outwards and so going to adjust cleats accordingly and lads at LBS will look at a fitting
  • dangling legs is ok but not if you already have knee pain from whats most probably over-tight muscles. This can effect the angle of the dangle !

    Best to let the legs rest and do some stretches or sport massage.
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    Ever heard of speedplays? They allow your feet to move around freely on the pedal so your feet can settle in their own natural position. Many many people turn to speedplays when they have knee problems, and I nearly did too, but they're damn expensive.

    Seriously mate, change your cleats to some that will allow a little more float, and get yourself a foam roller to work on those IT bands and other muscles. It changed my cycling altogether, and all for a grand total of about £25. The foam roller is an excellent long term tool anyway and I use it after every ride. I had cartilage removed from my left knee about a year ago and couldn't flex my knee like on the right side. It was stiff and painful, but after 2 weeks with the foam roller it was like I had a brand new knee.
  • I had a similar problem until this week, I turned my shoes over and looked at cleat position, the one on the problem side was too far over to the outside of the shoe, I made adjustment so that it was the same as the other ( I realise that both feet are not the same shape and size) and tried it on yesterday's ride all seemed to be fine.
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    Worth a quick search. Loads of threads on this important topic.
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  • If you continue to get the problem after sorting out the cleats, see a physio. I did and the stretches and weight training regime I was given has made a massive difference. Too many people said it was my ITB but it turned out to be a muscle imbalance and a ligament on my fibula.
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  • so far so good- hard cleat fit and bike fit- saddle etc was all ok- cleats were changed and have since done 2 25-35 mile rides without any pain. Thanks for replies