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Gran Canaria in Sept - too hot?

Courage MonsieurCourage Monsieur Posts: 534
edited October 2013 in Tour & expedition
Anyone tried the south of Gran Canaria in mid Sept? (ie end of this week)
Will it be too hot for riding?
Weather forecast suggests 25C highs but I remember in Fuerteventura some bloke saying it was very difficult in summer.
Probs heading out earlyish morning / very late afternoon for a few hours. 50 to 70km and definitely some of the climbs nearer to the resort.
Unlikely to do any all day rides.
Mainly there for the beach but thought I'd hire a bike.


  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    those are peak temps at sea level and if you ride in GC you wont be at sea level for long :D I'd bet its more like 17-18 deg if you head out in the mornings and a good bit cooler if you get near the peak of the island at close to 2000m.

    its warm there but nothing too silly and theres always a good breeze to keep you cool. I'd say about perfect frankly...

    Freemotion are the place to go for a bike and guided rides every day or routes to ride at your leisure. Have fun.
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  • Cheers BigPickle!
    Have been in touch with FreeMotion. They seem good. Will post a report soon...
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    I've cycled there in late February/early March, and even then some days it was too hot to ride in the middle of the day. It's off the coast of Africa, it will be hot. Just leave a bit earlier in the morning, go into the mountains or to the milder (and prettier) North side, and think of the drizzle here :D
  • How did it go? Can you recommend any routes?

    I'm off to GC next week and have contacted freemotion about a bike, so trying to plan out a route or two.


  • sherersherer Posts: 2,453
    I did this last year and went to GC staying in Player Del Ingles and used freemotion for supplies, we took our own bikes.

    A few drinks in the evening meant we started out rides at 11:00 or 12:00 each day and yes it is very warm then but i'm a rider who can cope with the heat and have a full zip jersey so no real issues. My friend found it too hot some days and we did have to stop off all the time for water.

    If you head out early morning you can get cooler temps and it does get cooler as you get away from the beach and higher up. Roads are really smooth and the drivers will just stay behind you until it is safe to pass, some even offered us water.

    Just go out there and have a good time
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