Broken spoke on Fulcrum Racing 3's - options???

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Evening ride at a good pace and accelerating up a shallow climb and..... bit of a ping, crack, rattle and the front end nearly locks up.

Turns out a spoke has snapped on my front wheel. I bought the bike second hand a few months ago and it was fitted with Fulcrum Racing 3s. Can these wheels be re-trued with a new spoke fitted or might it be trashed?

The buckle is only a few mm (I'm guessing at the point of the spoke snap) so I'm hoping its OK.

So, whilst the wheel is in for repair is there anything else worth getting done (new bearings, other spokes checked etc) and can anyone recommend anywhere in central N Wales who will do a good job?

I was planning on getting the bike properly serviced anyway so I'm guessing this is a subtle hint to get it done!!!


  • Monty Dog
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    Depends on how much out of true the wheel rim is, but generally one spoke should be repairable. Googling reveals a spoke kit is £30 from Total Cycling: ... tAodwmwAQA

    A decent shop should retension the whole wheel, not just the single spoke.
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  • Thanks for the link. I'll post the thread on the technical section too but I think you've confirmed my suspicions.