68 x 103mm bottom bracket??

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The bottom bracket on my commuter, Ridgeback Solo, has just died. Creaking like a floorboard and rough to spin. Assumed it would be easy to find a replacement, but the size 68x103 is making things more than difficult.

Seems its a unusual size thats no longer made and I can't find a replacement anywhere. The cranks are sugino track square tapers.

I've even thought about replacing the whole lot with a shimano alfine, fitted with external bottom bracket but then i'm not sure what the effect on chaninline etc will be.

any advice appreciated!


  • There's quite a few of these BBs in that size Sq Tap - great company to deal with as well

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    There are loads of 103mm square taper BBs out there (I just bought a Sugino one to replace a Token one).

    Look at places like hubjub, velo solo, kinoko etc.
  • I even have one on the shelf (tange seiki LN3922) they are available evrywhere. not hard to find at all.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions

    Would hardly say they are available everywhere thecycleclinic, have tried 3 different locals this weekend and all the bigger well known online shops none of which had a 103mm variety. Will give the above a check anyway.

    Any views on swapping everything out for external bb with say an alfine crank?
  • Well I am not sure how a commonly available BB is out of stock in your local shops. there are other single speed cranks available than the alfine.

    External BB have a more limtied life span than a square taper BB. for comuting I would only suggest square taper cranksets.

    so many to choose from too what crank length do you need and what chainring size?
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  • no idea - but thats how it went. and after searching a few places on here before I posted, I got the same result.

    I've picked one up off ebay as temporary measure anyway, so should be sorted by mid week.

    thanks for posts
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    If you're fitting an Alfine transmission, external BB would be a backward step in terms of reliability.
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  • the_prophet

    I have the same bike as you, well its predecessor the Genesis Skyline, and I've just bought a Sugino BB online from Graham Weigh Cycles without any problems at all. It's running a lot smoother now! HTH.
  • Just about to replace the bb on my Ridgeback Solo and was pretty sure it was 68 x 110mm, can anyone confirm the axle length, without me having to take it apart?