Medial irritation

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Hi all,

I have been back into my MTB since June and have been taking things relatively steady,

I am now up to around 100 miles a week with a 40 miler once a week,

I have been noticing that my right knee has been 'clicking' a little when under power and after a fast ride last night it's a little sore today,

Having read about medial pain I am assuming I have irritated this area of my knee by possible over use but I'm a little concerned about cleat position,

I set them in a central position approx 5mm back from the ball of my feet,

I asked my wife to look at my riding position last night and she confirms that my right knee is slightly pointing outward,

Should I turn the cleat to centralize my leg position?

Could this be the cause?

Thanks in advance,



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    You don't really want to try to correct the natural position of your knees, that just leads to more problems. It is possible that your cleat is pushing your knee into an unnatural position though. An easy test is to put really, really bad flat pedals on, the kind that just don't grip your shoes, riding around a bit and seeing where your foot naturally ends up. Set your cleat to match that and you're probably going along the right lines.
  • Thanks for the reply,

    I'll try that and report back,