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Which tyre?

JS200JS200 Posts: 29
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I've read a few posts regarding good touring tyres, I was wondering if anyone had any info regarding fast tyres to use touring. I'm looking at travelling long distances each day and want something that rolls really well. I will have panniers, but I'm going fairly light. I'm guessing the trade-off is comfort, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice regarding different options - looking at road use only. Are slicks a good/bad idea?

Thanks for comments in advance...


  • I've been using Conti Gatorskins all summer, 700x23. I travel very light. 'Front' panniers on rear with tent & sleep mat on top. Bar bag on front. Been working fine for years doing 100-140 miles per day. Never noticed any comfort issues.....then again I've never felt the need to try a wider tyre. Maybe give it a try over a weekend and see how you get on. Good luck.
  • JS200JS200 Posts: 29
    Thanks for that. I was looking at the GS 700x28 - I'm guessing that would be a more comfortable ride? By the looks of it you can run them from 95 psi. So I guess if comfort is an issue I can deflate a bit?
  • Can't really comment on the 28's. Was given a new pair years ago, rode 'em for a week at work. Didn't like them. Passed them on. If I was going with a front and rear pannier set-up, i.e. more weight, then I may re-consider them as a viable option. I always inflate the 23's to 120psi. However, I'm weighing in at 68kg's and don't have much weight on the bike. If you're much heavier then experimenting with the body v load v psi's is all down to you, and what you consider comfortable on a long, fast tour. BTW I also use a Brooks saddle and Specialized Bar Phat tape to help with the comfort side, oh, and Sidi dominator shoes are supremely comfortable and lightweight which helps with fatigue issues. Hope that helps.
  • I use ribmos 35mm at 80psi front and 90 rear, fully loaded.
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Don't get too distracted by the pressure value. You select the pressure to match the weight on the bike; my heavy tourer feels awful unloaded with the tyres at touring pressure, but absorbs all the bumps and eats the miles when it's laden.

    Someone like yer gran is already 18kg lighter than me, so can probably get away with the same tyres I run on my road bike on a fully laden expedition bike! I have to use something a bit wider - 32mm Schwalbe Marathon Supreme for me.
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  • I rode over 10,000 miles on a set of Schwalbe Marathon Tour Plus on my bike trip around the world. Fantastic! Still work now. The puncture resistance was amazing for more on my ride
  • Another vote for the Marathon been on my bike for a year, they've been well used and show little signs of wear, never had a puncture despite travelling over some pretty rough "paths". Never measured the distances exactly but I do somewhere between 230 to 240 miles every week. Only time I didnt go out was when the roads etc were all slushy. They arent great when icy but what is....
  • I bought a pair of Vittoria Randonneur Hypers (now renamed Voyager Hyper) for £19.99 each from Planet X for my tourer and they are flippin marvelous, lightweight folders with a lovely ride and roll really well for a 35mm tyre. Only used for about 500 miles so cannot comment on durability or puncture resistance yet, though they have been off road on trails and bridlepaths without any problem.

    Planet X are doing the Voyager Hyper 37mm version at the moment at the same price: ... lding_tyre but be warned- unusually they are generously sized, my 35mms measure 36mm.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,426
    I'm on my second pair of ordinary cheapo Vittoria Randonneurs in 28mm size. They are fast rolling and I've never had a puncture or any tread or sidewall cuts in several thousand miles including camping touring trips in France and Spain. Grip wet and dry is excellent. They only cost me about £12 each. For fast touring I think they are ideal. They do come up a bit narrow - more like 26mm on my rims - and the stiff puncture proof carcass does mean they are a bit hard to install the first time. They do give a firmish ride unladen but you could always go up to a 32mm.
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