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Alps - Garmin GPS routes?

triathlonthomastriathlonthomas Posts: 69
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Hi there

Am heading off to the Alps for 8 days at the end of September, hoping to take in as many epic routes / climbs as possible.

Does anybody have any good routes that I could pinch from their Garmin site? Have never cycled the area before so mapping "in the dark" is proving a bit tricky.

Alternatively, any recommendations for sites that have detailed routes set out? We really need loops rather than point-to-points.

Much appreciated!


  • Looks like no-one can help.... :( I'm interested because I'm cycling the fotthills of the Alps and I'm just buying a Garmin now.

    Meanwhile, look at you can see routes in your area.

  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    The Alps are a big place - with mountains in at least five countries and hundreds of passes.

    Maybe if you were a bit more specific you might have a bit more luck getting responses.
  • Staying in Venosc, so thinking Alpe d'Huez, Glandon, Telegraphe, Madeleine, Izoard, possibly Ventoux etc...
  • Can't really help with the gpx files but I've ridden in the Alpe/Glandon/Galibier area and also Ventoux and didn't use a map or gps. Route finding was very simple and the roads are well signposted in all these areas. There are not many deviations you can take. It's a case of 'when you're up you're up and when you're down you're down'.
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    I can't really help with gpx files either but found this website very useful when planning my trip there last year:
  • Thanks guys.

    Used Grenoble Cycling to come up with this fairly monstrous route (12-15k ft of climbing).

    Any suggested alterations? Garmin is really frustrating for planning these things - particularly where the satellite imagery isn't 100% comprehensive which leaves you unable to convince the routeplanner that it's possible to go down a particular road. Arggh!

    Still on the look out for GPX files if anyone has any.

    But v grateful for a any comments on this route!

  • The tourist information in Bourg (and probably other local towns) has a booklet with suggested rides in it. Many if the most spectacular routes don't feature in the Tour de France because the roads are too narrow or dangerous so don't just look at the famous cols. Ventoux is a long drive, I'd save that for another trip as there is plenty round Venosc to keep you going.

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
  • ... -in-oisans

    Booklet in pdf form. I could recommend a few rides if you want, what sort of distances are you looking at doing?

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Tom, really useful booklet - cheers. Think we're still planning to hit Ventoux but (almost ironically) treat it as something of a "rest" day... long drive there, up and down, long lunch, drive back, see some scenery and villages etc.

    Would really appreciate some recommendations. Plan is to mix up the length and difficulty - it's a holiday after all, so we're not looking at 100miles and 15k ascent every day, we want a few "easy" days too. Perhaps a 50/50 split of "hard" (i.e. long, climb-oriented) and "easy" (i.e. up to 60miles, flatter) rides.

    Thanks again
  • Ok all based on less experience than many so no offence taken if people can provide better.

    If you are doing ventoux then a must is the road along the Gorge du Nesque ( sp?) from Sault back towards Bedoin. You might try the ascent from Malaucene, descend to Sault, Gorge road, Bedoin ascent (the classic one) and descend back to Malaucene. Be a fair ride but you see all 3 tarmac roads up Ventoux plus the Gorge.

    From Venosc ride back up the valley and do the Sarenne (the controversial descent from the tour this year), descend Alpe d'Huez, along the valley and climb back to Huez village via Villa Reculas, descend most of the Alpe again to La Garde and back via the shelf road (about 4-5 hairpins from the bottom).

    Ride out and climb the Glandon, descend, climb the Croix de Fer, descend, home. You could climb the Madeleine in between the other two if you really wanted to make a day of it! I really enjoy the shared descent back off the Glandon/CdF.

    The Ornon is nice, you'll want to do the Galibier from Valloire and some of the smaller roads on that booklet. On my Michelin road atlas it marks dangerous routes which is a good indicator of a small scenic mountain road.

    You could do the Izoard as an out and back

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
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