Chainring and cassette upgrade

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I have had my roadie for 2 years now I have gotten the most out of her, I recently bought a TT bike and I like the power that the cassette puts out when I am not in the aero bars, so it had me thinking would a bigger chain set help me go that bit faster, currently I have Shimano 105 2011 groupset on a BH speedrom 7.0 and my TT bike has FSA Gossamer Pro MegaExo chainset, 39/53 tooth chainrings. My TT bike is fully carbon my roadie is 2/3 carbon, what gears should I go for and will it effect hill climbing as I spend a lot of time in the hills. I mainly use my roadie for commute though


  • Do you spin out your highest gear at the moment on your road bike? I've got a top gear of 50 on the front, 12 on the back and top out at about 45mph. Unless you're frequently getting up to those kinds of speeds changing the chainrings won't have any effect.

    Chances are the TT bike is stiffer so transfers the power better (the difference between my road bike and hybrid is huge) so you can put more torque down which feels more powerful.

    Other thing you could do is work out the gear inches and put both bikes in the same gear inch, see if TT bike feels more powerful starting off, if it does it's not the chainrings.
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    Good point I would usually have gears in big chain and then mid gears at the back so maybe it's not worth the change.