New Ribble build.

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Hi all.

Looking at building a Ribble bike online to spend my cycle to work voucher on ( so a grand budget ). Wanting 105 group set, but can't decide either to go for better wheels (possibly fulcrum 5s ) and basic finishing kit, or better finishing kit and something like fulcrum 7s. Would there be a major difference between the wheels?

Any advice, please help. (Ps, probably be the 7005 sportive frame if that helps. )



  • rolf_f
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    Personally, I'd go 1st for one of the carbon frames, then the wheels (ie not the really basic ones) and then whatever groupset the budget allows. I wouldn't give any thought to finishing kit upgrades. I suspect there isn't enough difference between Fulcrum 5s and 7s to matter that much - so 7s and a slightly better groupset is probably no bad choice. That leaves you with a nicer basic bike that will justify properly better summer wheels as a future upgrade.
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