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Orbea Orca size

OnoOno Posts: 30
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Hi guys,
I am about to buy my first road bike. I love the look of the Orbea Orca. I have tried both 55 and 57 sizes but cannot decide. I am 6' and 33.5'' inseam.
What do you think?


  • I had a proper fit with my Orca, I"m 6' 3" and although it was close between 58 and 60, I took the professional fitters calculation on the 60. They also ensured my stem was the correct length also and this was ordered from the factory also.

    I've had most of the summer on it and it is very comfortable, no pains even when 3-4 hours on it.

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  • OnoOno Posts: 30
    Hi, that is exactly my case. I am so close between 55-57. The stem on the 57 is 120cm so it might be a matter of shortening it a bit.
    I felt more stretched on the 57 but then I felt that it climbs better. I tried them both with normal trainers, what would the difference be when I get my spds on?
  • I felt stretched to begin with but I think this is just the 'racier' position. My stem is also 120mm.

    I went for the first 4 weeks on SPD's which I know breaks the rules but it was all I had. I've now got Look style pedals and I noticed no difference to the feel of the bike in terms of fit whether I had my SPD's or Look on. There is plenty comfort on the handlebars also whether on tops, hoods or drops.

    "I like riding in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar."
  • I'm 185cms (or just over 6'0) and the 57 Orca I have fits me perfectly
  • OnoOno Posts: 30
    I think I am going for the Orca in the end. Still torn between the 55 and the 57. I think the 57 feels slightly more comfortable. Which stem size do you have on yours?
  • I wouldnt know off the top of my head - it was the original Orbea ALU pro that comes as standard on the 2012 and 2013 model. Seemed ok for me (but I have noodle arms!)
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