Garmin 305 Mounts

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I have an older style Garmin 305 with the crappy slide-to-fit mounting bracket.

After breaking several of these brackets, I tend to just stick the unit in my back pocket as I’m not really interested in viewing stats on-the-fly.

I am however looking to follow some gpx routes when im away on my jollies next week, thus could do with seeing the map!

First question- does anyone have a spare one of these crappy bits of plastic lying around from an old unit they don’t require anymore and are willing to sell for a few quid?

Second question- Is anyone aware of an “out front”, type mounting system for this old style of Garmin? All the new ones are obv ¼ turn locking system. I have possibly found a company who may make….or are in the process of making an adaptor to do this job, but was wondering if there’s anything else out there otherwise? I'm waiting to hear back from the company Racewaredirect