Anterior Pelvic Tilt

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I’m in the process of tweaking my position on a new bike and have been reading recently about tilting the pelvis forward to loosen up the lower back and get longer/lower - it’s also cropped up in a couple of topics on here.

Some of the ways it’s described online are a little confusing - particularly as, off the bike, it’s considered a bad posture. However I’m pretty sure I understand it.

My problem though, is now that I’ve been thinking about it so much I’ve lost all ability to determine whether it’s something I was unconsciously doing already. And therefore, now that I’m consciously doing it, I have no idea if I’m exaggerating the position.

So, my question is, if you’re riding in this position, to what extent? And what does it feel like to you?

For me - now being very conscious of it - it feels like my backside is jutting right out and my lower back is so loose that my lower spine is almost pressing through to my saddle.

It's perfectly comfortable. But can anyone tell me if this is correct or completely incorrect?