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No police action without corroboration

Roberto di VeloRoberto di Velo Posts: 127
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I got chatting to a guy in our local hospital outpatients department (don't ask). Turns out that he'd had quite a nasty accident some time back; driver pulled out from junction onto him, resulting in a totalled bike and a crushed foot. 3 months down the line the foot is still not right and he's not been able to return to work.

However, what I found most surprising is that the police told him they couldn't take any action against the driver without independent witnesses. Seems crackers to me. Is this right? Is this normal?


  • It certainly isn't right - I know of caseat least one case where the police charged a biker with careless/dangerous riding (i forget which) when they came off with no other vehicles involved or even present to witness it.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Not right. You've got corroboration of the circumstance.
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  • Was this in Scotland perhaps. It is indeed the case in Scotland that a case needs two independent pieces of evidence for a conviction. They are trying to change this but when is anybody's guess. They powers that be seems to have something else on their minds just now. Something to do with a referendum.
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