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I bought some carbon wheels last week and I'm currently putting them on my bike ahead of tomorrow nights TT.

I have changed the Swiss stop pads for some carbon friendly pads, but the are a lot thicker than the SS ones so I have had to loosen the brake cable slightly. The wheels now spin freely, and stop when I apply the brakes, but the callipers aren't opening fully as before!. Anyone got any ideas?

Callipers are Tiagra 4400



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    Only thing I can think of is that the calipers are operating in a segment of the mechanism they haven't worked in before and the two sections are fouling on each other. I would suggest stripping the caliper and making sure everything is clean, lubricated and tight and see if full travel is returned.
    I'm no expert but hope this helps.
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    I'm a tw@t!

    Because the bike is upside down the levers were biting the carpet, preventing the brakes from fully releasing!

    Many thanks for the reply crescent!
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    Quality :)

    That is like me levelling my saddle with a spirit level when my bike was on a slope. As soon as the bike was on level ground the saddle was pointing down a fair bit :(
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    Good work!

    They're not mistakes, they are learns! Lol